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Yellow Marlboro Discus

Yellow Marlboro Discus

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Yellow Marlboro Discus 4.5"

These fish are disc shaped and can reach up to 10 inches. They aren’t easy to keep so only experienced aquarists should own them. Discus fish are extremely popular in the hobby, as such, they have been highly hybridized. Nowadays there are plenty of color, pattern and shape varieties. The Yellow Marlboro Discus is yellow with red fins.

To keep these fish in captivity, water pH should be between 6.0 and 6.5 and water temperature should range from 82ºF to 86ºF. The tank should be dimly lit and have open areas for swimming, plants, hiding places and a sandy or gravel substrate.  They are peaceful and can be kept in a community tank. Discus can be kept as a single fish and for such a 50 gallon tank is the minimum required, to keep more than one, a larger tank is necessary.

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