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Axolotls Wild Type Juvenile axolotl

Axolotls Wild Type Juvenile axolotl

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3 to 4 inches in size. Juvenile axolotls range from 3 to 5 inches in size, and they're estimated to be 4 months old at this stage.

Axolotls are fully aquatic salamanders that remain in their larval form, with external gills, even as adults. They are originally native to lakes surrounding Mexico City, Mexico, specifically Lake Xochimilco, but their numbers in the wild have since decreased dramatically due to pollution and urbanization. They are now critically endangered in the wild. Wild type Axolotls have a mottled olive-brown coloration and may exhibit gold speckles. In captivity multiple color morphs exist including albino, leucistic, and melanoid. They have the unique ability of being able to regenerate limbs, gills, and even parts of their eyes and brains. Adult Axolotls typically reach 8 to 10 inches in length.

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