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Hikari Ultimate is a top of the line formula designed to instantly "age" pond and aquarium water while eliminating harmful chloramines, chlorine, ammonia, heavy metals and nitrites. The formula is a fully functional water conditioner that helps to provide important electrolytes and boosts alkalinity as a way to provide a higher quality environment for your exotic underwater pets. The formula helps to reduce the amount of time needed to cycle a new aquarium, allowing fishkeepers to significantly reduce the amount of time needed to wait until their place their new fish, plants or invertebrates into their aquatic habitat. Hikari Ultimate replaces the necessary skin slime coat on fish and greatly reduces the instances of stress caused by poor water quality. Comes in a 16 fl oz container.


Add 1 ounce (~30 mL) of Hikari Ultimate per 60 gallons (~227L) of aquarium water. Ideal for establishing new aquariums, after water changes and when adding new fish into an aquarium.
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