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Lwanda Peacock

Lwanda Peacock

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This Deal is for a breading group 1 Male- 4 Females

you can also pick males or Females only 

Male Lwanda Peacocks will be blue-yellow or blue-orange, while females will remain mostly gray with hints of orange. They are found in the rocky shallows on the eastern side of the lake.

Aulonocara sp. lwanda 

Males are covered in a rich blue color and will develop yellow around their shoulder and pelvic region that will color into a dark orange to red when matured.  Tail, dorsal, and anal fins will also develop a yellow color that can develop into a dark orange to red color.

  • Adult Size:  5-6"
  • Temperament:  Mildly aggressive.
  • Compatibility:  Keep with other Peacocks and Haps of a similar size. Avoid keeping with Mbunas.
  • Suggested Diet:  SRC Hi-Intensity color food to promote color development.



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