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Gold Algae Eater

Gold Algae Eater

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The Gold Chinese Algae Eater is an ornamental strain of the wild-type Chinese Algae Eater (Gyrinocheilus aymonieri). With an elongated yellow-gold body, the Gold Chinese algae eater may be one of the most popularly selected fishes for community aquariums though they are generally unsuitable for this setting. Typically sold at juvenile sizes that do mind their own business, great consideration needs to be given for their size, lifespan and temperament potential as adults. Reaching an adult size of approximately 10″ that can live upwards of 12 years, Gold Chinese algae eaters can become quite territorial, especially toward similarly shaped fish. A Gold Chinese algae eater would do best in a very active aquarium of larger-sized tank mates, avoiding certain bottom dwelling species that could be subjected to being “grasped” onto by a Gold Chinese algae eater to feed off of its slime coat. Keeping one Gold Chinese algae eater per aquarium works out best long term. There is considerable variation among individuals in the intensity of “gold” coloration.

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