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American Cichlid Panamense Rosey Cichlid 1"-2"

American Cichlid Panamense Rosey Cichlid 1"-2"

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Cryptoheros panamensis is a pretty, small growing Central American cichlid, endemic to Panama. This fish, typed by Meek and Hildebrand in 1913 is not the most popular member of Cryptoheros genus, but is definitely one of the more colorful and aggressive.

This fish has been thrown around when it comes to phylogenetics. It was thought to be a member on Neetroplus for a while, but after looking at teeth and jaw structure, it was moved to Archocentrus, and then to Cryptoheros. It remains in Cryptoheros even after the recent Schmitter-Soto (PDF) paper, but is now in a monotypic sub-genus.

Males get up to about 4.5 inches while females stay smaller at a 3.5 inches or so. Cryptoheros panamensis reaches sexual maturity at a little over one inch. Males are larger than females, and attain trailers to the anal and dorsal fin. Females also take on a black and white breeding dress.


Cryptoheros panamensis is only found in Panama. According to Fishbase, this species

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