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African Cichlid Apache Peacock 4"-5"

African Cichlid Apache Peacock 4"-5"

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This man-made line of Peacock can display a lot of color. Most are blue with varying amounts of red on their side and shoulders and some showing barring with yellow hints on the sides.      

  • Adult Size:  5-6"
  • Temperament:  Mildly aggressive. Can display conspecific aggression towards males of the same species.
  • Compatibility:  Keep with other Peacocks and Haps of a similar size. Avoid keeping with Mbunas.
  • Suggested Diet:  SRC Hi-Intensity color food to promote color development.
  • The Apache Peacock Cichlid is a favorite because of it’s bright vertical band. This fish will thrive in a community cichlid tank. The males tend to get aggressive towards other males while breeding. Provide plenty of hiding space, or separation to reduce aggression.
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